Create Your Best Life with Grace.

Are you living the life you are here to live?

Being intentional about growth is a way to make your life and work more rewarding.

One thing that really contributes to your sense of happiness and fulfillment is to continue to develop yourself beyond your comfort zone.

One thing I’ve learned is when I stay in my comfort zone too long I get unhappy, bored and I begin to sabotage my relationships and my health.

First, decide what you want and give yourself permission to do it.

You’re enough to do this, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how to live your life.

I wish I’d done this when I started my doTERRA business. I was so afraid of what people would think, I felt shame that this was what I was doing professionally. Because of this I would take things personally.

I had one foot in and one foot out, I was in hiding about what I really wanted to do.

Brene Brown’s Rising Strong is a powerful read on identifying and overcoming shame. It was a huge help to me. 

Once I gave myself permission to do what I wanted, people around me started to react differently. I was treating myself better so they were too.

Identify your go to people

Create a super solid support network.

Be intentional and clear with who you share your dream with.

  • Are they supportive and positive?
  • Are they also working on things in their life?
  • Are they growing and moving out of their comfort zone too?

They could be family, your partner, friends or a mentor. Let them know they are your support and you need their support. Let them know you’re feeling vulnerable. Let them know what you are working on is important to you.

On the topic of friends and family members. Sometimes these people don’t need to be your go to, especially if they don’t get the work you are doing in the world.

You can still love them exactly where they are.

It’s ok to protect yourself, step back and give some space from those who don’t get your work.

Schedule and Identify What Restores You.

This is different for different people

I am an empath and social introvert. I love to be around people, but I also need time away to restore.

Things that work for me:

  • Meditation & yoga
  • Running
  • Body work -acupuncture is my go to right now
  • Family time
  • Saying no (no ghosting)
  • Unplugging from social media at different times.
  • Reading & watching quality writing I enjoy

Presence, presence, presence

Be Here Now.

Practice this and begin again.

Create a mantra or word to ground you into the present moment. Write it down, place it in spots where you will see it.

Cultivate a gratitude practice. Every morning before I get out of my bed, my practice is to identify 3 things I am grateful for. It’s really important to feel this gratitude in your body. Touch your hands to your heart, bring in love and appreciation for what you’re grateful for.

Remember, the prize is in the process – the end is not the goal – you are creating fulfilment and growth in the moment.

During your journey, it may happen that you feel resistant.

You might hit a wall or you might feel discouraged. Worrying thoughts may creep in. What will other people think, what happens if you fail, what happens if…

If this happens! Don’t give up!

Especially on a bad day 🙂

Baby yourself, have a messy cry, take a day off.

This is your dream, you know why you’re doing this. You’re in the work.

People can say what they want, REMEMBER they don’t know what you know! They haven’t done the work you have. They don’t see what you see.

Are you willing?
Are you willing to start your work from the inside out?
Get uncomfortable? Look in the eye of resistance?
There are no quick fixes.
If you do the work, if you commit, if you are COURAGEOUS.
Your life will change, there will be a shift.

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