How do you live from your heart?

How do you live from your heart?

Heart Living 101

For a very, very long time I lived from my head. My heart was put aside and my brain was turn up full blast. Somedays, my brain would send me a circle of analysis, worry, guilt and shame. 

Head living EQUALS:
Busyness and over scheduling
Comparison: the thief of joy
Materialism, keeping up with the Jones
Ego, wanting people to like you, even if they aren’t your peeps ❤️Heart living CREATES :
Kindness to you and the people you meet
Compassion for your struggles
Love for yourself
Presence in your life
Empathy for people’s feelings
Serving & helping those you love

Ways to live from your Heart ❤️: 
1. Get Physical – go for a run, lie on the floor, feel where all the part of your body touches the earth, let you bones be heavy, dance, jump, go for a walk, press you feet into the earth, reach your hands up to the sky. Dial in to your physical space.
2. Take a Breathe – focus on your exhale, make it longer then your inhale, when you’re scared, worried or anxious, are you breathing? Start with your breathe, extend your inhale, lengthen your exhale, be there for each breathe.
3. Take 3 minutes, read something you love that will make you a better human, dab your favourite essential oil on your heart (magnolia is magnificent)
4. Decide – Get off the fence, go for it and go after what you really, really want.
5. If all else fails be a KIND human.

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