I’m hiring!

This could be for you if you’re looking for a total shift in lifestyle.

I have a developed place in my organization that I’m looking to fill with someone who wants to change people’s lives through educating about essential oils.
I’ve been sharing the benefits of doTERRA and teaching people how to sell essential oils for the past five years.

There are three types of people who use doTERRA.

The first type of person is excited to live a natural solutions lifestyle. This makes up 80% of people who buy doTERRA Essential Oils.

The second type thinks, ‘my mother needs these oils! Or I want my friend to learn about this.’ These people naturally want to share what they love. doTERRA supports this type of person through a generous system to reward people who share the products.

The third type of person has been following me and thinking, ‘That’s what I want to do! I want to change people’s lives through educating people about the power of essential oils.’

doTERRA rewards this type of person through a generous compensation plan. As these people educate others about the power of essential oils, they can earn enough to supplement or even replace their income so they can become financially free.

This position has the structure in place for Premier rank and I want to work and put my energy into helping the successful candidate get it to Silver rank by the end of 2020.

I’m a Gold rank, the highest ranked leader in Prince Edward Island. My doTERRA business is my source of income and I’m working towards being the first doTERRA Diamond in Prince Edward Island.

For the past five years, I’ve been teaching people how to integrate essential oils into their lives and how to have a dōterra business.

I love what I do.

This work has allowed me to travel, to speak at doTERRA Corporate Events, to be able to pick up my son from school everyday. To be able work on my schedule, go to the gym everyday, take time off to travel, to be available for my family.

The successful candidate must be:

  • Entrepreneurial, you may have had a business before or you have experience with network marketing.
  • Health conscious, you might work in the wellness world.
  • Positive self-starter
  • Consistent in how you show up
  • Driven to follow your passions
  • Must be new to doTERRA, a wholesale customer enrolled by me or have an expired account of over a year.

This is an established business that you can step into. You get to make it your own: the possibilities are endless.

To be considered please email me a short description of your background and why you are interested in a doTERRA business.

Contact me at info@genevieveloughlin.com to apply.


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