Beyond spa treatments & me days.

Things speeding up for you? Feeling like you don’t have enough time? Need a quick reset? Try one of these…

  1. Set your phone to be on do not disturb from 8pm-7am and stay off social media and keep all electronics out of your bedroom at night.
  2. Meditate Set the timer on your phone for 2-5 minutes to ground and clear your mind. This could happen anywhere, in a chair, while you’re waiting for an appointment, sitting in a parked car. My meditation looks like this, I start by taking a couple of deep breathes, I become the observer of my thoughts, and I scan my body, I let go of what is no longer serving me.
  3. Diffuse essential oils you are drawn too. I love diffusing 2 drops of Siberian fir and Bergamot. Diffusing essential oils helps clean the air and are a natural way to make your space smell wonderful.
  4. Schedule time outside, whether it’s for a walk or more. Being in nature brings me joy. I know it can be hard to get out for yourself, I’ve been there. Trust that once you are outside, you will feel more at ease.
  5. Read a novel, a real book made out of paper. Right now I’m reading The Luminaries, it’s a big book and it works my brain in all the right ways. It feels good to use my brain.. Somedays I read a paragraph, somedays I read more. 


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