The Power in Prepwork

I’m finishing up 6 days of my husband being out of town on business and I want to share some things I do to help with overwhelm.
Things that can overwhelm me when my husband travels:
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Getting the boys out the door in the morning
  • Dealing with Roark’s wheelchair in the wintertime
  • Not having time to exercise
  • Not having enough time work on my business
I learned the hard way when I try to do everything on my own, I’m miserable and reactive.
Here’s some of things I do to go from surviving to thriving 😜 ▶️😊
  • I used to subscribe to Hello Fresh when things got busy, however I find the prep work for the recipes too much to do when I’m on my own, so I’ve changed to a local chef, Jen McKenna at Creative Kitchen. Jen is a magical being who  prepares delicious kid friendly meals for my freezer. I choose the recipes I want, then do an online grocery store pick up for the ingredients, then she comes and makes them. Check out Jen & Creative Kitchen on Instagram HERE.  
  • I get help with the kids, more than I think I need. It’s nice to have family close by, but I also make a point of having a network of experienced caregivers. I go to my caregivers first and then I fill any holes with family support. This takes the pressure off my family and I find they are more keen to help me when they aren’t the only people I’m relying on.
  • Schedule my exercise and working hours ahead of time, I do this on a weekly basis, I put all the times I plan to exercise in my calendar. Plans change, but with these in my calendar I find it easier to make them happen.
  • A new habit, I’ve integrated lately is resetting a space before I leave – whether it’s tidying my desk before I go pick up my kids or putting the kitchen to bed before I go to bed, it’s been a huge help to getting into the tasks I need to do when I re-enter a space. I started this with my kitchen, now I’m adding the living room and my office.
  • I temporarily delete apps off my phone – last week deleted Instagram, Messenger and Facebook from my phone. I know I’ll put them back eventually, for right now I’m enjoying the space.
  • Have the oils I use in the places I use them, sleep oils the bedroom, immunity & energy oils in the kitchen and common areas.
Do you try to do it all yourself?
What helps you with overwhelm? Got any tips for me? Share in the comments below.
p.s. Like these tips? I also wrote a guide on How to Turn Things Around and Take Your Power Back, download your free copy HERE.

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