This is Freedom​

The ability to choose our own path.⠀

My work with doTERRA Essential Oils has allowed me to build a Soul Led community with some Wickedly Wonderful Warrior Women.

These women are not sitting back and following the status quo.

They are creating Soul Led businesses flexible to their lives. These women aren’t afraid to invest in their health and the wellness of their families.

These women understand it’s ok to be different and the only way to work is from your heart.

doTERRA Essential Oils are a the tool, the possibilities are endless.

This might be for you if…

You are an entrepreneurial woman for whom the 9 to 5 life doesn’t work.

You like to have fun.

You love to inspire and be inspired.

You love accomplishments and love to help others accomplish their goals.

You are looking for an additional revenue stream.

Curious? Email for more information.

*you must be new to doterra or a current wholesale customer of mine to apply

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